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l_rizzle's Journal

"don't poke me!!"

a place for lauren lovers.
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aqua teen hunger force, away messages, bashing emilie's sister, being a closet kid, calling lauren fat, checkerboards, cuddling, cute things, dancing, daydreaming, drinking, eating, emo, food, hugs, jonas, kareoke, kissing, l-rizzle, lake worth high school, lauren, lauren's boyfriend joe, lauren's cell phone, lauren's mom, madtv, making cookies, making silly voices, music, nightmare before christmas, photography, placebo, poetry, poking lauren, punk, rammstein, romance, sad music, sappy songs and lyrics, shopping, ska, slash fic, sleeping, smirnoff twist, stars, stewart, taco bell, taking back sunday, taking pictures of lauren, the mall, the pixies, tori amos, watching lauren eat, yelling at animals